Of the sector, for the sector.

Warwick Employment Group

Launched by the University of Warwick, Warwick Employment Group (WEG) is an integrated family of specialist recruitment and people orientated services that have been supporting the education sector for over 16 years. The group includes market-leading and well-established brands and services such as jobs.ac.uk and Unitemps and has recently expanded with the launch of SearchHigher, SH Professional, piirus.ac.uk and college.jobs.ac.uk.

Our ethos is different too. Each of our services has been built from the ground up through an ethical, quality and community approach, mirroring the aspirations of the education sector’.

Our Brands

Each of our brands has its own heritage and personality, but they all have one thing in common – to deliver cost and efficiency savings for the education sector and beyond. Find out more about each of our brands using the links below.

Unitemps is the University of Warwick’s own temporary staffing service, providing opportunities on campus and in local commercial businesses for students, recent graduates and the wider community. Unitemps has grown, through the provision of the solution on a franchise basis, into a successful international service operating from a multitude of universities across the UK and Australia.

jobs.ac.uk is the leading global jobs board for academic, research, science and related professions. From academic, teaching and research to managerial and support roles, we advertise job vacancies for over 7,600 organisations worldwide including universities, research institutions, colleges, charities and commercial organisations.

college.jobs.ac.uk is the new specialist job board for the further education sector by jobs.ac.uk. From teachers and lecturers to leaders and support staff, college.jobs.ac.uk connects colleges and other FE providers with highly-qualified FE professionals that the usual sources may not reach – for less.

SearchHigher is a new executive search firm developed by University of Warwick for the Higher Education sector. SearchHigher works exclusively within HE and is therefore able to understand its nuances, current challenges and needs much more effectively to offer a dedicated service to the sector.

Following the success of SearchHigher, WEG has now launched SH Professional, a new recruitment business which will provide University of Warwick and other universities with professional staff across the administrative and academic campus functions using a contingent recruitment approach.

piirus.ac.uk is a free networking website brought to you by jobs.ac.uk where researchers worldwide can connect, collaborate, find the best jobs and access independent consultancy opportunities.